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stock 2nd May, installed 5th June 1755, on tnu death of George Woodward.

Hon. George Hamilton, M.A.. collated to Wilsford and W oodford 24th Jan., installed ;tli Feb. 1756, on the d<ath of .John Scott.

John- Lcmiiv, M.A., collated to Alton South 6th, in- stalled i;th Mar. 1 7 />, on the resignation of Frederick Toll.

Richard Easton, M.A., collated to Grantham North

5th, installed Nth July '756, on the death of Thomas Wisham.

II i.m;v GEESLEY, M.A., collated to Minor pars A I talis ist, installed 7th Aug. 1756, on the cession of John Lumby.

Edward Blake, D.D., collated to Ghardstock, on the death of Richard Hole; installed 20th Sept.1756.

William Barford, collated to Alton North 20th, in- stalled 24th Dec. 1756, on the death of Arthur Ashly Sykes.

George Watts, collated to Durnford 22nd Jan., in- stalled 19th March 1757, on the death of Thomas Pyle.

Gregory Sharpe, LL.D.. collated to Vetniinster Se- ennda jst Feb., installed [8th March 1757, on the death of Abraham Le Moine.

William Bowles, collated to Major pars Altaris, on the resignation of George Watts ; installed 4th Feb.

  • 757-

Johx Mulso, M.A., collated to Alton South nth Feb.,

installed 4th March 1757, on the death of John


John Nicoll, M.A., collated to Gillingham Major, on

the cession of Newton Ogle ; installed 9th March

1757- John Allen, M.A., collated to Fordington with Writh-

lington 29th March, installed ist April 1757, on the

death of Richard Younger.

James Sparrow, M.A., collated to Beminster Prima

vol. 11. 4 R

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