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�340 LONDON.

Nov. 1398: void by the resignation of Carleton 7 '. He probably resigned this archdeaconry on being made dean of St. Paul's in Jan. 1406-7.

Richard Kyngeston, prebendary of Mapetbwry, ap- pointed 17th Jan. 1405-6"'; appointment ratified 1 ith March following. He resigned it in 1411, by way of exchange for the church of Berughby, in the dioct of Lincoln 7 ', with

William Spigurnell, who was collated -, r )th Nov., 141 1 : void by the resignation of Kyngeston".

Pi iik II i.MH.wvrK, prebendary of Ealdstreet, was in- stalled 141I1 Feb. 1423-4". He died in 1425, and was buried in St. Michael's, Gornhill, London,

William Di 1 1 1 ld was installed 23rd March 1424 5' and the oftirr was ratified to him uyth Ma\ 1426 79 . He resigned in [43 \.

.Ioii\ Stopi ngton, prebendary of Codington Minor, wac pn sented 1 <yt h May [433 : void by the resignation of Dufleld 80 . J I < resigned about April 1440, on being made archdeacon of Dorset.

Robert Aiscogh or Ayscough, S.T.B., was collated 3rd April 1440: void by the resignation of Stopyng- ton sl . He died before 15th Feb. 1447-8. lie \\;i- also prebendary of Wildland.

Nicholas Cloos or Close, S.T.P., was collated 15th Feb. 14478: void by the death of Aiscogh s -. He became bishop of Carlisle in 1450.

Robert Stillington was archdeacon of Colchester, but the time of his admission thereto does not appear. But if he was so made in 1462, as Dr. Mutton states on the authority of the Exeter Register, then there must have been another archdeacon of Colchester be-

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