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tween him and Cloos. Stillington resigned this arch- deaconry in 1465 for the archdeaconry of Wells. He was archdeacon of Berks in 1463.

Benedict Bubgh, lh rges, 15: &g, or Bubd, A.M., was collated icth Feb. 14645: void by the resignation of Stillington 83 . He died in 1483 s '.

'Thomas Babow, LL.D., was collated i 8th July 1483: void by the death of Burgh 85 . He died in 1499.

John- Maynwabing was collated 9th July 1499: void by the death of JJarow 86 .

RoBEBT Pebbott was archdeacon of( Colchester, but the time of his admission does not appear, lie died in 1 5 1 S ^ " .

Richabd Pace, archdeacon of Dorset, was collated 16th Feb. 1518-19: void by tho death of Perrot ss . He re- signed it in Oct. 1519 for the deanery of St. Pauls. He became dean of Exeter in 1522.

John or Clark, LL.D., was collated 22nd Oct. J519 : void by the resignation of Pace s . In 1523 he was made bishop of Bath and Wells. His will was proved 17th Jan. 1540-j, and is in the Prerogative Office so.

Edward Lee, S.T.P., had this archdeaconry conferred on him by the King 19th Nov. 1523 : void by the pro- motion of Clerk" 1 . In 1531 he was made archbishop of York.

Robebt Aederidge or Aldrich, S.T.P., succeeded in this archdeaconry by the gift of the King 30th Dec. 1531: void by the promotion of Lee 9 -. In 1534 he was installed a canon of Windsor and made registrar of the Garter. He became provost of Eton in 1537, and in the same year he was made bishop of Carlisle.

Richard Cozen or Coren, S.T.P., succeeded likewise

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