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He became dean of Rochester in 1638, and was made bishop of Chichester in 1641.

Josias Sinn, A.M., had this dignity conferred on him by the King 15th April 16-12 : void by the promotion of H. King'. He died before 10th July in tli" same year 6 .

Vacant 1 ighti > a yean.

John - Hansi.kv, prebendary of Holbom, alter tin- Re- storation was made archdeacon of Colchester; hut the

time of his admission does not appear, nor that of his

death. William \Yi i ls, S.T.P., was collated ziu\ Feb. 1666-7,

and installed on the 5th of the same month 7 . He died

in 1675. Ciiahi 1 - Smith, A.M., prebendary of St. Paneras, was

collated :-th Aug. 1675: void by 1 1 1 - death of Wells 8 .

He died in 1678. William Sill, A.M.., prebendary of Neasdon, was col- lated 18th Sept. and installed 24th Sept. 1678: void

by the death of Smith'. He died in 168 1. William Beveridge, S.T.P., prebendary ofChisurick,

was collated 3rd Nov. 168 1 : void by the death of Sill 10 .

In the year 1704 he was made bishop of St. Asaph. Jonas Wauli.y, A.M., was collated 23rd Aug. and in- stalled 26th Aug. 1704 : void by the promotion of Be-

veridge 11 . Ob. 9th Aug. 1722. Johx King, master of the Charter House, collated nth

Aug. 1722. Ob. 4th Aug. 1737 1 -, jetat. 82, and buried

14th Aug. in the Chart or House chapel. Thomas Cartwright, collated 24th Aug. 1737 13 , vice

Dr. King. He died 8th Nov. 1749, and was buried in

Hornsey church.

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