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Benedict nt: Sansetun was made the first precentor after the office was endowed and erected into a dignity in I203" 16 . And from this dignity he was made bishop of Rochester in 12 15.

William de Rising was precentor in 1226 '"; he was archdeacon of London in 1231.

Peteb was precentor in 1227 and in Dec. \2^ AH - He also held the prebend of Hoxton.

John de Norton enjoyed the office in [239 .

Thomas hi: Stoetefobd, prebendary of Mapesbury, was pogfii mi d of it about 1 240 and 1 241 "'. His obit used to be kept on Gal. Decemb. (let.)

Rogeb of. Horsett, commonly called Dobbett and l)i Obseth, was precentor in 1241 and 1243 51 . He was also prebendary of Portpole. His ,bit was k< pt ix ( !al. Febr. ( :4th .Jan.) -, or on \ix ( lal. Febr. ( 14th Jan.)

Robebt de Babthone, or De Babton, was collated to this dignity in 1246 '. In 1256 he was made dean

of this church. U 24th May 1 ly,

Jons de Wi nghaii <>r Wyngham was precentor in 1 :'<z . and also prebendary of 1 [oxton in 1 2<Sj .

Gilbebt Segbave was precentor in 1310, and in 1313 was made bishop of this see ".

Joe 1 s, or Jocius i)': Kynbadton, or Kynebabton, was collated to this dignity by Walter, archbishop of Canterbury, in 1313. He exchanged this office for the archdeaconrj of Gloucester in 1328 with

Hugh de Stathebn, who was collated xvi Cal. Aug.

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