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Thomas GeauNT, S.T.B., prebendary of ^Venlakesbarn, was collated 5th July 1454: void by the death of Sturgeon" . He died in 1474. He held successively the prebends of Totenhale and Mora.

William Wylde, treasurer, and prebendary ofBromes- bury null Oxpaie, was collated 9th July 1474: void by the death of ( rratmt : '.

Gundisalous l'litxwni had this office granted to him by patent 8th duly i % ^C4 r -', vice William Wylde deceased, lie died possessed of it before 27th June 1513"'. He was the son of Koderic Gundisalous Fer- nandas, LL.D., formerly ambassador of Spain to the king of England? 4 . In another instrument, that of his denegation, he is styled "son of the famous Doctor de Puebba, formerly ambassador orator of Spain 75 .* 1

Thomas Wulci or Woi --1 i was collated ,st h July 1513 : void by the death of Fernandi '. In the next

year he was made bishop of Lincoln.

William Hoesey, S.T.P., archdeacon of London, was

presented bythe King -7th March 1514-15: void by the promotion <>f Wolsey : . He resigned it in 1531.

George Wyndham, archdeacon of Norwich, was col- lated 1 1 th Nov. 153] : void by the resignation of Horsey' 8 . He died in 1543.

John Sheet was presented 27th Nov. 1543: void bythe death of G. Wyndham 79 . He died in 1551.

Edmund Grixdal, S.T.B., was collated 24th Aug. 155 1 : void by the death of Sherv" '. He resigned it in j 554, and afterwards became bishop of this see.

Heney Heevxe, LL.D., archdeacon of Middlesex, was collated 28th April 1554: void by the resignation of Grindal"'. He died in 1585.

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