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This office was founded by bishop Richard do BclmeisII, about the year i 160" '.

Goni 1 1:1 .in - was the first treasurer about 1160. Tie- was also prebendary of Harleston.

Heney Banasteb was so styled about 1 162'". He was also treasurer in 1 1 9a 95 .

Peteb hi S. M \ 1; 1 \ was treasurer \\ i Cal. Jan. (17th Dec.) 1213'"'. He held the office in 12:2 (anno se- cundo posl translationem beati Thomas martiris Can- tuar. archiepiscopi). He occurs as prebendary of [sledon, Kentish town, and Mora.

William de Fauconbebgi held this office in 122a 97 and 12:6; the office was void in [331, but whether by his death or otherwise does nol appear, lie was also prebendary <>f Kentish Town.

Alexandeb Sw 1 kfoed was treasurer of St. Paul's 15th Jan. 1231-32 '\ How long he continued in this office appears not, but he held it in 1 23 | '. and died in 1 24.6 between Michaelmas and Christmas 1 ; and was buried in the cathedral, lie seems to have resigned the office before his death, as

Hi oh dk l\\rr Min.i. was treasurer here circa 1240.

l'i ik in Sadnfoed was treasurer here 1256.

Richard Talboth oi' was treasurer in 1259 2 . He occurs as prebendary of Holywell ami Mora. Ho was afterwards dean of this church.

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