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��Scardebe or Scarborough, Robert de,

prb. London. 38a. Scarle, John, arcbd. Lincoln, 45. Scattergood, Anth., prb. Lincoln, [96. Scattergood, Sain., prb. Lincoln, 196.

Schrop, Geoffrey de, prb. London, 437.

Scory, John, bp. Rochester, .",71.

Scut alia- Rotheram, Thomas, lip. Ro- chester, 568.

Scotho, William de, prb. London, 377.

Scott, Cuthbert, prb. London, 375.

Scott, John, prb. London, 365.

Scott, John, prb. Salisbury, 1

Scott, Robert, dn. Rochester. 577.

S u, Hon. William Hugh, pro. Salis- bury, 687. u alia- Rotheram, Thomas, bp. Lin- coln, 20.

Scriha, Nicola-, pre. London, ;

Scrivener, Richard, prb. Lincoln, 110,

aSS- Scroop, Stephen de, prb. Lincoln, 231.

Scroop or Le Strorp, Jeffiry de, prb.

Lincoln, 1;,-.

Scrop, Roger w, prb. London. 407.

Scrope, Ralph, prb. Lincoln, 97, 197.

Scrope, William, prb. Lincoln, 102.

Scarle, John, prb. Lincoln, 230.

Seaward. Thomas, prb. Salisbury, 67a.

Se ixwulf, lp. I. 4.

Seber or Sever, lien., prb. London.

Seber or Sever, Henry, chan. London.

360. Sicker, George, prb. London, 368, 453. Seeker. Thomas, dn. London, 316. Seeker, Thomas, bp. Oxford, ,-,o s . Sedgwick, Adam, prb. Norwich, 501. Sedgwick, John, prb. Lincoln, 207. Sedgwick, Joseph, prb. Lincoln. 207. Sedgwick, Leonard, prb. Lincoln, 230. Segarus, prb. London, 403. Segrave, Gilbert, prb. Lincoln, 1*7. Segrave. Gilbert, pre. London, 348. S : rave, Gilbert, archd. Oxon, 65. Segrave, Gilbert de, prb. Lincoln, 184. Segrave, (Gilbert de, prb. London, 426. Segrave, Gilbert de, bp. London, 289.

ave. Stephen de, archd. Essex, 334.

~~ grave, Thomas de, prb. London, 427. Seinclere or Sancto Claro, John de,

prb. London, 447. Seintjust, Thomas, prb. London, 372. Selby, Ralph, archd. Buckingham, 69. Selby, Ralph, archd. Norfolk, 483. Selljy or Sileby, John, prb. London, 423. Selby, John de, prb. Lincoln, 200. Selby, Nicholas de, archd. Wilts, 628. Sellers, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, 162.

��Selot, John, chan. Norwich. 495, Selot, John, archd. Sudbury, 492. Selvestone, John de, prb. London, 382. Selwyn, Charles Jasper, prb. Salisbury,

676. Semer or Somer, John, prb. Lincoln,

>4.V SendalL John, prb. London, 436. Sepham, Edward, prb. London, 431. Sequyn, Vitalis, pro. Lincoln, 174. SerlO, dn. Salisbury, O12.

Setb prb. London, 431 .

S ton, Walter de, prb. Lincoln, 22;,.

r or Seber. Hen., prb. London, 389. Sever or Seber. Henry, (ban. London,


Seville, Anthony I'orano or Corro of, prb. London. 390.

Seward, Henry, prb. Salisbury, 655.

Sewell, Thomas, prb. London, 398, 424.

Seymour, John, prb. Lincoln. 203, 2/54.

Seymour. John rlobart, prb. Lincoln, 170.

SbaaorSbaw, Ralph, prb. London, 372.

Shafto, Thomas Goodfellow, prb. Ox- ford, -21 .

Shapewick, Van, alias Sbapewyke, alias Horston, Thomas, prb. London. 404.

Sbapewyke, Thomas, prb. London, 404.

Shai\ -ted, John, prb. Lincoln, 95.

Sharnbroke, Edv., prb. London, 44",. 1 p. Henry, prb. London, 309, 378.

Sharp, Henry, archd. Rochester, 580.

Sharp, John, prb. Norwich, 499.

Sharp, John, archd. Berks, 636.

Sharp, John, dn. Norwich, 477.

Sharp, Lionel, archd. Berks, 636.

Sharpe, Gregory, prb. Salisbury, 673.

Sharpe, Henry, prb. Lincoln, 142, 1*9.

Sharpe, Henry, prb. London, 380.

Sharpe, Henry, archd. Bedford, 74.

Sharpe. Lancelot, prb. London, 387. i Shaw or Shaa, Ralph, prb. London, 372. , Shaxton, Nicholas, treas. Salisbury,

6 47- Shaxton, Nicholas, bp. Salisbury, 405.

Sheepshanks, Will., prb. Lincoln, 184.

Sheffield, Win., prb. Lincoln, 127, 182.

1 Sheffield, William, archd. Stow, 79. 1 Sheldon, Gilbert, bp. London, 304. i Sheles, John, prb. Lincoln, 212.

Shenkwyn, Thos., chan. Norwich, 495.

Shenkwyn, Thos., archd. Sudbury, 492.

Shepey, John de, bp. Rochester, 363.

Shepeye, John de, dn. Lincoln, 33.

Shephard, Nicholas, prb. Peterborough,


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