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��I N 1) !: X

��Stoneham, Robert, prh. Lincoln, 170. Stoneham, Robert de,prb. Lincoln, 1 14. Storehouse, William Brocklehurst, prb.

Lincoln, [49. Storehouse, William Brocklehurst,

archil. Stow, 82. Stoopes, Robert, prb. London, 4. -,7. Stopynton, John, prb. London, 37a, Stopyngton, John, archd. I

34. Stop] ogton, John, archd. 1 1 Storteford,, prb. London, 406. Storteford,, pre. London, Storteford, Wm. de,prb. London, 401. Stortford, William, treas. London, Stanford, William, archd. Mid

328. Stortford, Richard de, prb. Lond Stortford, Rich, de, chan. London, Stow, Thomas, prb. London, 407. Stow, Thomas, archd. London, 321. Stow, Thomas, dn. London, 31 1 Stow, Gilbert de, archd. Stow, 77. Si >w, Win. de, prb. Londoi \2~.

Stow, Wm. de, archd. ( '"It Stowe, Thorn is, prb. Lincoln, 200. Stowe, Thomas, archd. Bedford,

St.r,\ , Rob I I . I . ; -

Strachey, John, prh. Lland . .

269. Strachey, John, archd. Suffolk, 400. Stradling, G prb. J odon, 4-;.

Stradling, John, archd. L AT, 259. Strahan, George, prb. Rochester, ;, Straight, John. pro. Salisbury, I Strambregg, Simon <lc, prb. London,

380. Strange, A' nder, prb. London, 381. Strang . Edmond le, prb. Lincoln, 2 Strange, Eubulo le, prb. Lincoln, . Stratford, John, prb. Lincoln, ijo. Stratford, Nicholas, prb. Lincoln, 170. Stratford. William, prb. Oxford, 531. Stratford. John de, archd. Lincoln, 44. Stratford, Ralph de, prh. Lincoln, 104. Stratford, Ralph de, ti s. Salisbury,

646. Stratford. Ralph de, bp. London, 291. Stratford. Robert de, prh. Lincoln. Stratford, Robert de, prb. London, 410,

Strathone, Roger of, prb. London. 417. Stratton, Gilbert de, rabd. Lincoln, 30. Stratton. Matthew de, archd. Buck

ham, (<-. Stratton, Robert de, prh. Lincoln, in. Strattone, Gilbi 1 1 de, 1 rb. Lon Ion, 381 .

Strctchc. John de, prh. London. 374.

��Strete de i\ rth, Thomas, prb.

London, 42/;.

U ly or Stretfa a . John de, dn. Lin- coln, 33.

Stretbele, John de, dn. Lincoln,

Stretley, John de, prh. Lincoln, ioj.

Stretton, Robert, prb. Lincoln, 199.

Stretton, Thomas, prb. Lincoln, [82.

Stretton, Richard dc prh. Lincoln, 322. in, Robert de, prb. Lincoln. [85. >vll or Drewell, John, treas. Lou- dun. 355.

Strode, William, prh. Oxford. -20.

Strong, Wm.. prb. Peterborough, 548.

Strong, William, archd. Northampton,

irp or di- Scroop, Jewry le, prh. Lin-

I , dfrey, prb. 1' terbo- rough, 551. Stu ; J bn, prb. Salisbury, 6<

Phillip, archd. St. Alh.v

Sturdy, Henry, archd. Suffolk, 488. Sturgeon, Nicholas, prb. London, 404,

43> Sturgeon, Nicholas, pre. London, 349.

1 . prh. Lincoln, 10 1 .

. ; b 1 . mdon, 4 Stui arles, prh. Salisbury Sturges, John, prb. London, 71.

. John, archd. Huntingdon, 7,4. Stnrmy, Hugh, archd. Sudbury, 401.

. prh. Lincoln, 1 Styll. John, prh. Salisbury, '--,. Stjn Wm. dc. prb. London, 445,

Steward, William, prb. Lincoln, 114.

Imund, prb. Norwich. .;

Suckling, Edmund, dn. Norwich, 470. Sudbury, Simon, prh. Lincoln, [92. Sudbury, Simon de, chan. Salisbury,

50. Sudbury, Simon of. bp. London, io?- Sudbury, alias ('rail. John, archd. Es-

Sudbury or (Vail. John. prh. London,

39 a " Suffeild or Sutfeild, W illiam de, archd.

rwich, 4 J

1 ondon, 27^.

Snlthorn, John de, archd. Llandaff, 2

Sumner, CI b. prb. London, 429.

Sumner, Cb R b., dn. Lon Ion, 317.

Sumner. Charles Richard, bp. Llandaff,


��Sumner, Humphrey, prb.Saliabury,< 670.

SuraU8, Si , prb Lincoln. 202.

�� �