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264 chestp:u.

of erection, dated 4th Aug. 1541^^ He died or re- signed soon after his admission to this dignity.

Henry Man, S.T.P,, was presented to this dignity 8tli Oct. 3541. In 1546 he was made bishop of the Isle of Man^i.

William Clyff, LL.D., was presented 30th May 1547. He died possessed of this dignity about 7th Dec. 1558.

Richard Walker, A.M., succeeded in this dignity in 1558. He died in 1567. His will, dated 4th Sept., was proved nth Nov. 3567.

John Piers was presented to this dignity 4th Oct. I 567, vice Richard Walker. In 1570-1 he was made dean of Christ Church, Oxon.

Richard Langworth, S.T.P., was presented to this dignity 28th Feb. 1572—3, on the resignation of Piers. His will, seemingly nuncupative, is dated 19th April 1579, and was proved 8th July following.

Robert Dorset, S.T.P. , was presented 17th Aug. 1579, and installed by proxy 10th Sept.: void by the death of Langworth. Dorset died at Ewelme, in Oxford- shu'e, 29th May 1580, and was buried in the church there.

Thomas Madesley or Modesley was presented 12th Aug. 1580. He died in June 1589.

John Nutter w^as presented 4th July 1589. He died 30th March 1602, and was buried 18th April follow- ing at Sefton.

William Barlowe, S.T.P., was installed J2th June 1602. In 1605 ho was made bishop of Rochester.

Henry Parry, S.T.P., was installed ist Aug. 1605. In 1607 he was made bishop of Gloucester.

Thomas Mallory, archdeacon of Richmond,, was in- stalled 25th July 1607. He died possessed of this dignity 3rd April 1644.

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