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showing the sutures very plainly, possibly young B. ovatusWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Baculites ovatus, and a few bivalves, with a fragment of some species of ScaphitesWikispecies-logo.svgCommons-logo.svg Scaphites and a couple of gastropods. We reached camp at 4:15, hastily broke camp and reached Big ThompsonCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Big Thompson Creek, Colorado just below LovelandCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Loveland, Colorado in time to set the tent before dark. Markman and Dodds went to town for provisions while Harry and I prepared the cots etc. At 9 p.m. Dodds returned and we had a good beefsteak supper, leaving some in the oven of the camp stove to keep warm for Markman, who returned at 10 p.m. just as I was ready to extinguish the light. It has been a hot, clear day. We are getting lots of alkali in the water now.

Big Thompson CreekCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Big Thompson Creek, Colorado, near LovelandCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Loveland, Colorado. Sunday, June 10Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg June 10, 1906

Arose late, had breakfast of hot cakes. Got milk last night for first time.