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Some Words of this People of Verzin.

Milan Edition.
Millet - Au mil - Maize.
Flour - Farine - Huy.
A hook - Ung haim - Pinda.
A knife - Ung coutteau - Taesse - Tarse.
A comb - Ung peigne - Chignap - Chipag.
A fork - Une forcette - Pirarne.
A bell - Une sonnette - Itemnaraca - Hanmaraca.
Good, more than good - Bon, plus que bon turn maraghatorn.

We remained thirteen days in this country of Verzin, and, departing from it and following our course, we went as far as thirty-four degrees and a third towards the antarctic pole; there we found, near a river, men whom they call "cannibals,"[1] who eat human flesh, and one of these men, great as a giant, came to the captain's ship to ascertain and ask if the others might come. This man had a voice like a bull, and whilst this man was at the ship his companions carried off all their goods which they had to a castle further off, from fear of us. Seeing that, we landed a hundred men from the ships, and went after them to try and catch some others; however they gained in running away. This kind of people did more with one step than we could do at a bound. In this same river there were seven little islands, and in the largest of them precious stones are found. This place was formerly called the Cape of St. Mary, and it was thought there that from thence there was a passage to the Sea of Sur; that is to say, the South Sea. And it is not found that any ship has ever discovered anything more, having passed beyond the said

  1. quant estoient en traveil se mirent hors du basteau et après retournerent au basteau et nourrirent leurs enfans."

    This story is improbable, as women were not allowed to come on board ship. Fabre then relates the story of the young girl.

  2. Canibali.