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But soon again I’ll bid adieu,

With a heaving sigh and wistful ee,

Unto the girl that I love,

Who constant is and true to me.

Again the ocean I mus cross,

In hopes of greater wealth to gain,

And tho’ the seas between us be,

My heart is always thine, the same.

Adieu, my love, a fond adieu,

A parting kiss, and then farewell;

And still you’ll find, it is all love

To thee, in whom my heart does dwell.

Once I had hopes of staying here

To spend my future days in peace;

But since it is ordained so,

I’ll give to thee my last good wish.

May thou as flowers in summer flourish.

Thy tender heart be always gay;

And may thou always constant prove

Unto the lad that’s far away.

Farewell again, the ship doth wait,

She stately on the waves doth ride;

Oh ! constant be, and I’ll return

To make thee my sweet and charming bride.


Once was a stranger, in a far country did roam,

(illegible text)n young Jemmy of Newry came to me alone,

(illegible text) said, My dear jewel now tell me I pray,

how you came to wander in a desert this way.