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She said, Pray young man don’t attempt to persuade,

Or take an advantage of me a poor maid;

It was my cruel father who caused me to stray

So far from my home, and to wander this way.

I loved a young man, and he loved me,

But because he was poor, and of low degree,

It was my cruel parents that press’d him to sea,

Which made me to wander here, and a stranger to be.

When I heard that my true love in battle was slain,

I packed up my jewels, from my father’s house I came,

Determin’d to wander in lonesome retire,

And there to lament for the youth I admire.

Then young Jemmy, of Newry, with a most graceful bow,

Did say, Lovely fair maid, the truth I’ll tell you now,

It was false lovers that caus’d me to roam,

And wander so many miles distant from home.

And now, lovely fair maid, if you will agree,

Since we’re both cross’d in love, I’ll marry with thee;

Then dry up your tears, I’ll ease you of your pain,

And marry with me, I’ll be your kind swain.

To a neighbouring village they then did repair,

Where a licence was bought, and they married were;

And now the two strangers in love both agree,

In a neat little cottage by a shady green tree.

No longer they wander in deserts alone,

In content they do live in their cottage at home.

The lark, thrush and linnet round their cottage do sing,

And both live as happy as a prince or a king.