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86 Collectanea.

veloped into a small industry Blackburn way. It transpired in evidence that Heaton's father has carried on the calling for years. This ointment, which is popularly supposed to have extraordinary

curative properties, it was stated, is sold at is. 6d. per pound

" The Live Stock Journal xQ.i^x% to another example of the super- stition that still exists in connection with old folklore, and reports a strange story that appeared in its columns in July, 1885. In this case a woman took a newly-born puppy, skinned and boiled it, and gave the soup made therefrom to her baby of six months old. When asked the reason for so doing, she said it was the custom, as the broth of a new-born pup had a magical effect on a weakly child, and after partaking of puppy soup, its blood changed, and it would grow up healthy and strong."

P. Manning.