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114 Minutes of Meetings.

objects selected for exhibition were used ; and a discussion followed, in which the Chairman, Mr. Gomme, Mr. Ordish, Miss Burne, Miss Eyre, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Tabor took part.

WEDNESDAY, MAUCH 25tli, 1903. The President (Professor York Powell) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The President announced the election of the following new members : Leland Stanford Junior University College Library, and Mr. M. Vroom ; and the death of Mr. C. G. Leland, with a brief appreciation of his work as a Folk- lorist [p. 162]. He also announced the presence of Monsieur H. A. Junod, Missionary to the Baronga and Basuto tribes in Delagoa Bay and the Northern Transvaal, copies of whose works on the folklore of these peoples were laid on the table for inspection.

Mr. A. R. Wright exhibited and explained the following Chinese charms and objects of folklore interest : —

1. Book of the Fifteen Magic Blocks (with six enlarge-

ments of figures therein).

2. Diagram of the trigrams of Fuh-hi. 2a. Pa-kwa or " eight diagrams " charm.

3. Paper charms against sickness and goblins.

4. Fung tsien or " Dragon money."

5. Pih-kea so or " Hundred families cash lock."

6. Pih-kea or " Hundred families " charm.

7. King keuen so or " Neck ring lock " (Korean).

7^. Two Birthday charms (one for boy and one for


8. Nan tsien or " male money " (worn by women to

obtain male children).

9. " Warding-off-evil cash."

10. Lung Fung or " Dragon and Phoenix " charm."