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2 Minutes of Meeting.

The following books and pamphlets, which had been presented to the Society since June, were laid on the table, viz. :

The American Antiquarian, vol. xxiv., No. 4, presented by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington ; The Real Origin of Religion, by Jabelon, presented by the Author ; Archivio delta R. Societa Romatia, vol. xxv., parts i and 2, presented by the Society; Y Cymmrodor, vol. xv., presented by the Cymmrodorion Society ; Notes on the Ethnography of S out Item Mexico and Physical Character- istics of the Indians of Soutliern Mexico, presented by Professor Starr; Report of the Connemara Public Library, igoi, igo2, presented by the Government of Madras; and Census of India Report, 1901, vol. xvii. {Punjab and N.W. Frontier Province), by H. A. Rose, presented by the Government of India.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10th, 1902. Mr. G. Laurence Gomme (ViCE-President) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The elections of the Meadville Theological School, Pennsylvania, and of Mr. G. M. Bishop as members of the Society, were announced.

The resignations of Mr. C. N. Nicholson, Mr. W. H. P. Gibson, Mrs. Fuller Maitland, and Mr. F. W. Bourdillon, and the withdrawal of the resignation of Mr. W. M. Hens- man were also announced.

Mr. E. Lovett exhibited a fetish of the Achewa Tribe, Angoniland, in Central Africa [Plate I., fig. i], and read an explanatory note thereon [p. 61 and Plate I.].

Mr. F. T. Elworthy read a paper entitled "The Solution of the Gorgon Myth " ; and a discussion followed, in which