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Folklore of the Azores.


their work, but are all willing to give their services for the sake of the fun they enjoy at the Esgalha.


Most of these verses are songs used in choosing partners for popular dances. They have well-known tunes attached to them and are known as Fados.


O cravo depois de secco Senafica amor perdido,

Antes que queira nao posso Tirar de ti o sentido.

Agua leva o regadinho Vai regar o almeirao,

Vira par, e troca par, Vira-te p'ra aqui Joao.

The Watering-pot,

When the pink is withered.

It means that love is dead, But though I try I cannot

Get you out of my head !

The water-pot carries the water To the chicory-bed so bonny.

Turn your partner, change your partner. And turn to me, my Johnny.

Fado Atroador.

O fado que foste fado,

O fado ja nao es, O fado que te viraram,

Bravo ! de cabeca p'ra os pes.

Se o Padre Santo soubeira, A gra9a que o fado tem,

Viria de Roma aqui Balhar o fado tambem.

The Boisterous Fado.

O fado that once wast a fado,

O fado that are no more, O fado that turned you upside down,

Bravo ! from roof to floor.

The delight that is in a fado, If the Holy Father but knew.

He would come here from Rome To dance the fado too !

Triste Viuva. Son-owing Widow.

Triste viuva da banda d'alem. Sorrowing widow from over there,

Eu quero casar, nao tenho com quem. I want to marry but don't know

Todos me querem, nao quero nin- where.

guem. Everyone wants me but I don't care.

Queres-me tu, meu lindo bem ! Then marry me, my lady fair !


Constancia, O minha Constancia, Nao sei que de mim sera,

Sao cousas da ventura,

Sao voltas que o mundo da.


Constancia, my Constancia,

I know not what will come of me.

These are matters of the future.

And twists which the world q;ives us.