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This page needs to be proofread.

Notes on Ballad Origj'jis. i6i

with its facts," and " composed under the immediate im- pression of the past^ but by those and for those who have taken part in it." (Gummere, p. 185, citing Histoire poetique de Charlemagne, p. 2). This refers to ballads on events, say Kinmont Willie. M. Gaston Paris agrees with Lesley and with myself. But, when such a ballad comes down to us, it has been worked over and contaminated by many hands, at many dates : it is no longer the work of an indi- vidual. It seems that Mr. Henderson has the great mass of specialist opinion against him, though I am the sole object, almost, of his censures. 1 cannot but think, too, that (how much through my own fault I know not) he misapprehends my opinions.

A. Lang.