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A Solution of the Gorgon Myth.

and winged. A copy of this remarkable vase is in the Museum at Palermo. Upon this, called "the Anubis Vase," are to be noted also two other detached heads of the ordinary grinning type.

Fig. 21.

One of the panels from the great temple of Selinunte, now in the Palermo Museum, has a sculptured relief of large size—two human figures, representing the act of Perseus cutting off the Gorgon's head. Both figures are nude, and both standing. The Medusa is of the same height as Perseus, and apparently of the same sex. The face of the Medusa is of the archaic type. Moreover, we find on many of the heads not only obvious snakes as well as beards, but also on the same heads that remarkable scroll or volute, before noted; all these Six has grouped under his Genus I. as belonging to the early type.

Fig. 22.

Fig. 22 is also taken from Six (Tab. III.), from a terra-cotta in the Bonn Museum; it has a sort of nimbus, analogous to Fig. 19, and again it has what he calls sixteen snakes. There is nothing specially interesting in this head, which is of the later type, except