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Minutes of Evening Meetmg. 323

16. Spear-points.

17. A bull-roarer. [Fig. 23.]

18. Lauries or talking-sticks. [Figs. 20, 24, 26, 27.]

19. Chastity shells and girdles. [Figs. 8, 9, 11.]

20. Shell necklaces. [Fig. 14.]

21. A skull.

22. An initiation mask. [Fig. 10.] 22- A coral kylie. [Fig. 29.]

24. A charm against sickness. [Figs. 2 and 13.]

25. A shell letter of introduction. [Figs. 3 and 4.]

26. Charms.

27. A green tomahawk head.

28. A spindle with which hair belts are made. [Fig. 13A.]

29. Pieces of wilgy. [Fig. 16.]

30. Nose ornaments of bone. [Fig. 25.]

31. Bones used in blood ceremonies. [Fig. 30.]

32. White wood stick used at Kobba-Kobba. [Fig. i6a.]

33. Bunch of emu feathers. [Fig. i.]

34. Lumps of native medicine.

35. Lumps of wilgy for painting the face.

36. Couries, flower seeds, and bird flowers.

37. A hair rope covered with wilgy.

A discussion followed the paper^ in which Professor Japp, Miss Eyre, and the Chairman took part.

The Meeting concluded with votes of thanks to Mrs. McConnel for the loan of her Queensland objects for exhibition, to Mr. Tabor for his paper, to Mrs. Tabor for exhibiting the objects illustrating the paper, and to Mrs. Peggs for the communications from which the paper was compiled.

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