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List of Members.

Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, per G. F. Stevenson, Esq.,

L.L.B,, 118, Regent Road. Leicester. Leland Stanford Junior University College, per G. E. Stechert, 2, Star

Yard, Carey Street, W.C. Lemcke & Buechner, Messrs., 812, Broadway, New York. U.S.A. Letts, C, Esq., 8, Bartlett's Buildings, E.C. Levy, C. E., Esq., Boundstone Lodge, Farnham. Surrey. Library of the Supreme Council of the 3Brd Degree, etc., for England

& "Wales, and the Colonies, 33, Golden Square, "W. Lindsay, Lady, 41, Hans Place, W. Liverpool Free Public Library, per Gilbert G. VValmsley. 50, Lord Street,

Liverpool. Lockhart, The Hon. J. H Stewart, Registrar-General of the Legislative

Council, Hong Kong. London Institution, Finsbury Circus, E.C. London Library, St. James's Square, S.W. Lovett, E., Esq., 41, Outram Road, Croydon. Lucas, Harry, Esq., Hilver, St. Agnes Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

Macbean, E,, Esq., Rannochlea, St. Andrew's Drive, PoUokshields, Glasgow.

Macgregor, A., Esq., Stamford Brook House, Hammersmith, W.

Mackenzie, W., Esq., Crofters' Commission, 6, Parliament Square, Edin- burgh.

Maclagan, R. Craig, Esq., M.D. 5, Coates Crescent, Edinburgh.

McNair, Major J. F. A. C.M.G., F.L.S., F.R.G.S., Scotia, Preston Park, Brighton.

Major, A. F., Esq., Bifrost, 30, The Waldrons, Croydon.

Manning, P., Esq., M.A., F.S.A., 6, St. Aldate's, Oxford (Beechfield, Watford).

Manchester Free Library, King Street, Manchester.

March, H. Colley, Esq., M.D., Portesham, Dorchester.

Marett, R. R., Esq., Exeter College, Oxford.

Marsh, R. H., Esq., Ingleside, Epping, Essex.

Marston, E., Esq., St. Dunstan's House, E.C.

Masson, D. P., Esq., Managing Director, The Punjab Bank. Lahore, per H. S. King and Co., of Cornhill, E.C.

Matthews, Miss Elizabeth, The Hollies, SwafFham, Norfolk.

Max, J., and Co., 21, Schweidnitzerstrasse, Breslau.

Maxwell, G., Esq., Westhorpe, Hendon, Middlesex.

Meadville Theological School Library, Meadville, Pa., U.S.A., per G. E. Stechert, 2, Star Yard, Carey Street, W.C.

Mendham, Miss Edith, Shepscombe House, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Mercantile Library of Philadelphia, per G. E. Stechert, 2, Star Yard, Carey Street, W.C.

Merrick, W. P., Esq., Manor Farm, Shepperton.