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[Those Transactions for the first time included in the index are marked with an asterisk,* the others are continuations from the indexes of 1891-1902. Transactions iticluded for the first time are indexed from 1891 onioards.]

AnthroiDological Institute, Journal, N.S. vol. v. pt. 1.

Antiquaries, London, Proceedings of the Society, 2nd S. vol. xix. pt. 1.

Antiquaries, Ireland, Proceedings of Royal Society of, 5th S. vol. xii.

Antiquaries, Scotland, Proceedings of the Society, vol. xxxvi.

Archseologia, vol. Iviii. pt. 1.

Archaeologia ^liana, vol. xxiv. pt. 1.

Archseologia Cambrensis, 6th S. vol. ii.

Archaeological Journal, vol. lix.

Biblical Archseology, Society of, Proceedings, vol. xxiv.

Birmingham and Midland Institute, Transactions, vols. xxv. xxvi. xxvii.

and xxviii. Bristol and Gloucestershire Archseological Society, Transactions, vol. xxiv. British Archaeological Association, Journal, N.S., vol. viii. British Architects, Royal Institute of, Journal, 3rd S. vol. viii. Buckinghamshii-e, Records of, vol. viii, pt. 5. Cornwall, Royal Institute of, Proceedings, vol. xv. pt. 1. Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeological Society, Transactions, N.S.

vol. ii. Derbyshire Archaeological Society, Transactions, vol. xxiv. Devonshire Association, Transactions, vol. xxxiv. East Herts Archaeological Society, vol. ii. pt. 1. Essex Archaeological Society, Transactions, N.S. vol. viii. pt. 4.