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8 Annual Rep07d of the Council.

Miss L. M. Eyre. (9) A collection of Tibetan amulets and charms. By Mr. A. R. Wright. (10) Photographs of the Hobby Horse at Padstow, Cornwall. By Mr. F. G. Green. (11) A com ornament offered at Little Hadham Church, Herts, at the Harvest Festival, 1904. By Mr. W. H, St. John Hope ; and (12) Corn ornaments from Devon and Cornwall. By Mrs. Gomme.

The objects marked with an asterisk have been pre- sented to the Society, and will in due course be placed in the Society's case at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Cambridge.

The Council are glad to note that, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Society, some object of interest has been exhibited at every Meeting, so that the hope expressed a year ago has been fulfilled. As the exhibition of these objects contributes in no small measure to the interest of the Meetings, the Council look with confidence for as good a record this year.

The Meetings have been uniformly well attended and the interest of the audiences sustained. Miss Pamela C. Smith's reproduction of Annancy Tales precisely as they were told to her in Jamaica, which took the place of a paper at the June Meeting, proved most popular. Miss Smith told the tales in negro costume and illustrated them by roughly-shaped toys. This recitation was an entirely new departure, for which the Council were indebted to their late lamented President.

The Lecture Committee still continues without a Secre- tary. The Council are glad, however, to be able to report that upon their recommendation Mr. E. Lovett has given lectures at Wellingborough and at the Morley College for Working Men and Women in the Waterloo Bridge Road, both of which were well attended and much appreciated. The Council thank Mr. Lovett for this service, and would be glad to find other Members of the Society as enthusiastic as he in the same direction.

The Society has issued during the year the 15th volume