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Annual Report of the Council. 9

of its Transactions, Folk-Lore. Miss Burne has again most kindly assisted the Council by editing the volume, and the Council desire to place on record the debt of gratitude the Society owes her for the time and labour she has so ungrudgingly expended upon this work. The Council have also again to thank Mr. A. R. Wright, to whom they are indebted for the Index.

The Society has also issued during the year as the extra volume for 1902 Miss M. A. Owen's monograph on the Musquakie Indians, with the descriptive catalogue of the Musquakie beadwork and other objects which she has so generously presented to the Society ; and, as the extra volume for 1903, County Folk-Lore, vol. iv., being examples of printed Folklore concerning Northumberland, collected by Mrs. M. C. Balfour, and edited by Mr. N. W. Thomas. The promised collection by Mr. T. Fairman Ordish of materials for the History of English Folk-drama is not yet ready for press ; but it is hoped that it may be finished in time to be issued as the additional volume for 1904. No decision has yet been arrived at as to the additional volume for 1905.

In recognition of the specially valuable services rendered directly to the Society by Miss M. Roalfe Cox and Miss M. A. Owen, the Council have unanimously elected them Honorary Members.

The Society was represented at the Meetings of the Anthropological section of the British Association at Cam- bridge by, amongst others, Mr. and Mrs. Gomme, Mr. Brabrook, Mr. E. S. Hartland, Dr. Haddon, Mr. Crooke, Mr. J. G. Frazer, Mr. N. W. Thomas, Miss Burne, Miss Hull, and Miss Ffennell. Mr. F. W. Giinther, who read a paper on the " Cimaruta," has very kindly promised to read it again before the Society. The Council would emphasise the importance of these Meetings being better attended by Members of the Society than they are at present.