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Dramatis Persons.

(i) BoL Bendo. (4) Doctor Beelzebub.

(2) King of France. (5) Golishan.

(3) King of Spain. (6) Sir Alexander.

Prologue {sung ofi the threshold).

Hogmanay !

Trollolay !

Gie us o' your white bread,

And nane o' your grey.

Oor shoon's made o' mare's skin,

Come, open the door and let's in ;

Redd up stocks, and redd up stools,

Here come in a pack of fools.

{Enter BoL Bendo, winding a horn. Two Yi.\i:iGS follow shortly after with Pages.)

BoL Bendo.

I am Bol Bendo. Who are you ?

King of France.

I am here, the King of France, Come for a battle to advance.

King of Spain.

I am here, the King of Spain, Come for a battle to maintain.

{Enter Sir Alexander, si??ging.) Silence ! Silence ! Gentlemen,

Upon me cast an eye, My name's Sir Alexander,

I'll sing you a tragedy.

Four of us there are,

And merry boys are we ; And we are going a-rambling

Your houses for to see.