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Collectanea, 213

Your houses for to see,

And some pleasure for to have : And what you freely wish to give,

We freely will receive.

The first that I call in

He is Golishan bold, He fought the battle of Quebec

For sixty pounds of gold.

{Enter Golishan, armed with sword and pistol.)


In come I, Golishan ; Golishan of renown,

A sword and pistol by my side, I hope to win the crown.

BoL Bendo.

The crown, sir ! The crown, sir !

It's not within your power. I'll draw my sword behind my back, And stab you with my spear.


My head is made of fire, sir ;

My body is well steeled.

And with my bloody weapon

I'll slay you on the field.

Sir Alexander {aside).

Here are two champions going to fight

Who never fought before, I'm not going to separate them,

Pray, what could I do more. Fight on, fight on, my merry boys ;

Fight on, fight on with speed, I'll give any man a thousand crowns

To lay Golishan dead.

{A dash 0/ swords follows, till at last Golishan falls down a fid dies.)