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214 Collectanea.

Sir Alexander {rushing forward).

O ! what is this ? O ! what is this ?

! what is this you've done ? You have slain GoHshan, And on the ground he's laid.

BoL Bendo.

If I have slain Golishan,

Golishan I will cure ; And I will make him rise and sing,

In less than half an hour.

(BoL Bendo calls loudly for a doctor. After an interval, enters Dr. Beelzebub, his face blackened, and carryi?ig a club over his shoulder.)


Here come I, old Hector Protector, The Devil's own picture, Sheepskins and camel's hair. If you don't give me all your money, I'll carry you all to your graves.

Sir Alexander.

How far have you travelled ? Doctor.

From hickerty pickerty hedgehog.

Three times round the West Indies,

And back to old Scotland.

Sir Alexander.

What have you seen on your travels ? Doctor.

I've seen geese going on pattens,

And mice eating rattens. Bol Bendo.

What can you cure ? Doctor.

1 can cure the gout, the scur, and the kinkhost. Bol Bendo.

What will you take to cure this dead man ?