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286 The European Sky -God.

legends have come down to us which tell how the early king was after his death identified with Jupiter. Thus Festus^ says of Latinus, the eponymous king of the Latins, that " he vanished in a battle with Mezentius king of Caere, and was thought to have become Jupiter Latiaris." So too Aeneas, the founder of the Alban dynasty, disappeared in a battle with Mezentius or with Turnus, and was thenceforward worshipped under the title Jupiter Indiges.^ Romulus, according to the usual tradition, was caught up to heaven in a thunderstorm, but subsequently appeared in more than mortal beauty to Proculus Julius, and announced that he had become the god Ouirinus,^ i.e. " the oak-god." Nor was it only after death that the early Italian king claimed the attri- butes of divinity. Ascanius, the son of Aeneas, who fortified Alba Longa, was surnamed lulus ; ^ and lulus means "young Jupiter."^ The bright, but harmless flame, which is said to have played about his head, was appropriate to a representative of the sky-god : his grand- father on seeing it at once recognised the sign, and offered a prayer to Jupiter of the sky.^ Ascanius at his death left a son also called lulus ; '^ and the poets speak of

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