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370 Minutes of Meeting.

Dr. Gaster read a paper entitled " The Legend of Merlin " [p. 407], and in the discussion which followed, the Chairman, Miss Paton, Mr. Nutt, Miss Jessie Weston, and Miss Hawkins-Dempster took part.

The Meeting terminated with votes of thanks to Mr. Wright for his exhibits and to Dr. Gaster for his paper.

The following additions to the Society's Library were reported :

Recueil de Memoires et de Textes die XIV^ Congrh des Orientalistes.

Analecta Botlandiana, Vol. xxiv. Parts i and 2 (by exchange).

Moghdija Taz-Zuicen, No. 44.

X-jgheid it Malti fuk Id-Dinja td Taht, by the Rev. Father Magri, presented by the Author.

Journal of tJie Anthropological Society of Bombay, Vol. vii., presented by the Society.

Y Cymmrodor, Vol. xviii., presented by the Cymmro- dorion Society.

Neolithic Dew-Ponds and Cattleways, by A. J. Hubbard and G. Hubbard, presented by the Authors.

The American Antiquarian, Vol. xxvii. ; and the 21st and 22nd Annual Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology, presented by the Bureau.