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Midsummej'- Ctistofns in Morocco. 39

with oil. Into this the ploughman dips the top of the plough-share three times, saying : — Bisniilldhi ya rdbb'i, adagtkejmn elt Iherad Hi viu ntsebUab, " In the name of God, O God, may thou complete for us this good thing which we are undertaking." The ploughman then sprinkles the animals with oil, repeating the following words : — Bisinilld afillagikenmi el rdbb'i Iherad Hi mu ntsebUab, atnkerz slhen'a, nemgert slhena, nasit slJiena, nesrutt slkena, nssit slheiia dessd/it, a-sidi rdbb'i, " In the name of God, may God complete for us this good thing in which we are engaged, may we plough in peace, may we reap in peace, may we gather in peace, may we thresh in peace, may we eat in peace and with health, O Lord God." The rest of the oil and the tagidla are eaten by those present. Among the Shluh of Ida Uger'd I myself took part in a similar ceremony. When the oxen had been yoked, a boy brought a plate with argan-oil, in the midst of which was placed a handful of U'wimity a mixture of roasted barley and salt. With the plate in his hand, my host then went round the animals and the plough, and sprinkled them with a few drops of the oil. He began the ceremony with the usual bisinilld, " In the name of God," and went on muttering his blessings in an inaudible voice. When this was done, he mixed small lumps of the tummit with oil and gave them to the boys to eat, and then similar lumps to the others present ; all of us had to eat a lump. The Eeni Mgild, I am told, before they begin to sow, roast some wheat, one portion of which is eaten by the men in the mosque and another portion by the women in their tents, whilst a third part is thrown on the field immediately before the sowing commences ; my informant said that this is done with a view to securing good crops. In Dukkala, before a new tent is pitched for the first time, some sersem, prepared of beans, chickpeas, wheat, salt, and water, is eaten on the tent-cloth. This meal is considered a good fdl, as the 'Arab say : it will