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Collectanea. 87

To Turn Opening A into the European Opening.

Make the first move of the *' Leash," i.e. dip the hands into the thumb loop and shift its radial string to the ulnar side of the hands and the backs of the wrists. Shift the ulnar string of the little finger loops similarly to the radial side of the thumbs. Put the little fingers inside the strings which connect the ulnar aspects of ring fingers and indices, and take the index loops on the middle fingers. Fig. i.

I got this transformation from Miss A. Kingston, whose invention it was.

In re-translating the openings care must be taken to hold the lower parts of the slant middle finger loops fast between thumbs and indices on the radial side, and between ring and little fingers on the ulnar side, and to shift the ulnar base string first.

IX. Sawing Figures.

The following figure was shown me by a New York boy of twelve, born in London, who was my travelling companion a year ago :

First Flayer. Set up the Cat's Cradle. Fig. i.

Fig. 14.

Second Flayer. Take hold with either hand of the radial and ulnar base strings, and pull them out from the first player's hands on their own sides. The first player then withdraws his hands on the proximal side, retaining the middle finger loops ;