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Minutes of Meetings.



The President (Miss C. S. Burne) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and confirmed.

The Annual Report, Revenue Account, and Balance- Sheet for the year 19 lo were duly presented, and upon the motion of the President, seconded by Mr. Tabor, it was resolved that the Report be received and adopted, and that the Revenue Account and Balance Sheet be adopted, subject to being passed by the Auditors.

Balloting papers for the election of President, Vice- Presidents, Council, and Officers having been distributed, the Secretary and Mr. A. A. Gomme were nominated by the President as scrutineers for the Ballot.

In the absence of Mr. T. Fairman Ordish, the Secretary read a report prepared by him on the Mumming Play and other vestiges of Folk-Drama in the British Isles. It was resolved that the thanks of the Society be given to Mr. Ordish for the preparation of the Report, and that it be referred to the Council to consider what steps can be taken for giving effect to the suggestions contained in it.

The President then delivered her Presidential Address on "The Essential Unity of Folklore," (pp. 14-40).

At the request of the President, the Secretary then announced the result of the Ballot, and the following were declared duly elected, viz. : —

As President, W. Crooke, Esq., B.A.

As Vice-Presidents, The Hon. John Abercromby ; The Right Hon. Lord Avebury, D.C.L., LL.D, F.R.S. ; Sir