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8 Annual Report of the Council.

Exhibits, far too numerous to note in detail here, were on view at every nmeeting. Early in the year the Council appointed a special " Exhibits and Museum Committee " consisting of Mrs. Gomme, Miss Roalfe Cox, Dr. Hild- burgh, Mr. Lovett, and Mr. Allan Gomme (convener), who arranged a very successful programme of exhibits in harmony with the papers read. Two table-cases in which objects lent for exhibition may be placed have been obtained, and the system is now in full working order. The following objects exhibited have been presented to the Society and are now placed in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Cambridge.

By Professor Starr.

(1) Two figures in black wax, pierced with pins for injuring an enemy.

From Zacualco in western Mexico.

(2) An amulet of bamboo and shells suspended under the eaves of houses

among the Ilocanos and other tribes. From Agoo, La Union Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

By Mr. E. S. Hartland.

Two models of house-posts, carved and painted by Joe Hayes, a Nootkan Indian, and representing scenes from his family history. From Clayoquot, west coast of Vancouver Island.

By Mr. F. Fawcett.

(i) Blunt arrows and an Okiddl stick used by the Muppans in their killing process.

(2) A bamboo water-vessel employed in one of the death-ceremonies of the same tribe.

A list of the additions to the library will be found appended to the minutes of the April meeting {Folk-Lore, vol. xxi. p. 266).

Dr. Gaster and Mr. Longworth Dames attended the Congress of Archaeological Societies in July as delegates of the Society, and the President, Sir Edward Brabrook, Mr. Sidney Hartland, Dr. Haddon, and Professor J. L. Myres, together with Mr. W. Crooke, President of Section H, represented the Society at the meeting of the British Association at Sheffield.