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Collectanea. 227

pecking, and pecking, when the trap caught her. When it had caught her, the boys ran up and took her out. Then the Pigeon said to the Wood-pigeon, — " I say, is that the kind of cunning the Dove has?" Then he (Wood-pigeon) said, — "Ah, look here. We have seen hers. There remains mine and yours." So the Pigeon said, — "Very well. To-morrow, O Wood-pigeon, you will peck." When he had come, be began pecking, and pecking, and pecking, when the trap just caught him. When it had caught him, and the boys had come to take (loose) him (out), he flapped (his wings) and escaped. Then he went and said to the Pigeon, — "I only just escaped to-day." So the Pigeon said, — "Really, Wood-pigeon, have you and the Dove no sense? Wait (until) to-morrow. (Then) come and you will see (what) cunning (is)." When day broke, the Pigeon and his wife were going to the threshing-place to peck. The boys came and set the trap, and scattered guinea-corn inside. So, when the Pigeon alighted with his wife, they (began) eating guinea-corn, and eating and eating until the Cock- pigeon saw the trap. The Wood-pigeon and the Crow were above watching, and saying, — " The trap will catch him " (her). When the pigeon saw the trap, he said to his wife, — " Lahidi,^^ fly away. There are feathers on the ground here." ^ So they went off " boop," and flew upwards. Then the Crow said, — "Truly the Pigeon is more crafty than we." You know that, if a Crow is there, if you bend she will fly away. That is the knowledge she has.

41. The Wild Cat and the Cock. (U. G.) The Wild Cat and the Cock. They said they would be friends (make friendship). Then the Wild Cat said, — "Where shall I find you?" So he (Rooster) said, — "Here you will find me." So he (Wild Cat) said, — "Very well. To-day at midnight I am coming so that we may talk." So, when midnight came, he came and called, — "Saidu, Saidu."!^ The Rooster did not answer ; he had told him it was his name. He (Wild Cat) again called, — "Saidu"; the Rooster did not answer. When dawn

^^ Name of girl born on a Sunday.

^■^ Where the other birds had been caught.

^' All these words are supposed to represent the cry a wild cat makes.