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Minutes of Meetings. 275

amulet " from Antwerp ; and a specimen of the semper- viviini soboliferiim, known in Germany as the " thunder flower."

By Lady Gomme: — A mole-cricket in a cage, sold in the streets of Florence on Ascension Day.

The meeting terminated with a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Skeat for his paper, and to Lady Gomme and Mr. Lovett for the exhibits.

The Secretary reported the following additions to the Library since the meeting held on April 20th, 1910, viz. :

Japanese Proverbs and Pictures, by Prof. Starr ; The Exploration of BnsJiey Cavern near Cavetown, Maryland, by C. Peabody ; — presented by the respective authors ; Report of ArcJicBological Snperintcndent ( Souther?i Circle), 1909-10, and Ayinual Report of the ArcJiceological Depart- ment ( So2cthern Circle), 1909-10, presented by the Govern- ment of Madras; Annual Report of the ArchcBological Survey (Eastern Circle), 1908-9 and 1909-10, presented by the Government of Bengal ; A nnual Reports of the ArcliCBological Survey ( Western Circle arid Northern Circle), 1909-10, presented respectively by the Governments of Bombay and of the Punjab ; Report of the Administration of the Government Museum and Connemara Library, 1909-10, presented by the Government of Madras; Die Aranda und Loritja-Stdmme in Zentral Austr alien, Pts. i, 2, and 3, by G. Strehlow, presented by the author; Annual Report of the A rchceological Survey of India (Frontier Circle), 1909- 10, presented by the Government of the North-Western Province ; Report of the Superintendent of the Archcsological Survey, Burma, 1909-10, presented by the Government of Burma ; Annual Report of the ArchcBo- logical Survey of Ceylon, North, South, and Central Provinces, 1 906-7, presented by the Government of Ceylon ; Some Analogues of Mais t re Pierre Pathelin, by T. E. Oliver, presented by the author ; Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, Vol. 28, Part i, presented