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276 Minutes of Meetings.

by the Society ; Filipino Riddles, by Prof. Starr, presented by the author ; Proverbi, Motti, e Scongiiiri del popolo Siciliana, by Prof. G. Pitre, presented by the author; Archiv fiir Ktdiurgeschichte, Vol. 8, Pt. i, Ennitthingen iiber Eingeborenenrechte der Siidsee, and Das Rechtsleben der Eingeborenen der deiitschen Siidseeiitseln, both by Dr. R. Thurnwald, presented by the author ; Sojue zvords on Allegory in England, by F. York Powell; The Sarawak Museum Jo7irnal, Vol. i, No. 2 ; Maili the Demigod, by W. D. Westervelt, presented by the author ; List of Ancient Monuments in Burma (Mandalay Division), presented by the Government of Burma ; Voices Nouvelles en Science comparee des Religions, by Dr. Schmidt, pre- sented by the author ; List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to authors and titles ; Chippewa Music, Handbook of A merican Lndians, and Handbook of American l7idia?i Languages, presented by the Bureau of American Ethnology ; The Original Garden of Eden discovered at last, and The Discovery of NoaJis Ark, both by J. M. Woolsey, presented by the author; Lettische Schwdnke, by Prof. Max Bohm, presented by the author ; Yana Texts, by E. Sapir, presented by the Uni- versity of California ; Catalogue of the Dante Collection, University of London, by R. W. Chambers, presented by the University ; Tratisactions of the fapan Society, Vols. 8 and 9, presented by the Society; Analecta Bollandiana, Vol. 29 and Vol. 30, Pts. i, 2, and 3, acquired by exchange ; fahrbuch des Stddtischen Museums filr Volker- kunde zu Leipzig, 1908-9, Part 3 ; Das Artefakt von Olonec und was dazu gehort, by Otto Hermann ; Bibliographic des Chants popidaires Frangais, by De Beaurepaire Froment ; Nigerian Stiidies, by R. E. Dennett ; and Religionen der Naturvblker Amerikas, 1906- 1 909, by K. Th. Preuss ; — presented by the respective authors.