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Collectanea. 361

consent of Katchlig. He brings him walnuts and filberts. Katchlig makes a sign to the fire. Two Arab slaves bring him a golden mink and a golden cock in a golden sieve, and set them down before him. In the morning the master takes them to the King. The King again invites the goldsmith to the wedding. Again Katchlig begs leave to go, and his master refuses. Then Katchlig drops the hair from the red steed into the fire, and the red steed, the red weapons, and red garments stand ready before him. Katchlig changes his garments, girds on the weapons, mounts the steed, and rides to the tournament, overcomes every- one, comes and hits his master a blow with the fist again, throws him from his horse, goes back to his place, changes his garments, and sits waiting, motionless and silent as before. At evening the master comes and tells his story, and Katchlig is duly astonished.

Well, now, the maiden is sure that her betrothed is near, for no one but he could produce the objects she had required. So the next day she says to the King, — " I wish you to have made for me a golden fox and a golden hound running about on a golden platter. If you don't have them made, I won't marry you." The Kind's servants arise and go to the goldsmith with the order. Katchlig gives his master a wink, and the latter promises to make them. Then he brings walnuts and filberts to Katchlig. Katchlig feasts on them all night long. At dawn he produces the ring, and makes a sign to the fire. This time the two Arab slaves bring him a golden fox and a golden hound upon a golden platter. The master takes them to the King. That day, also, they have a wedding feast. Katchlig throws the hair of the white charger into the fire, and the third demon's white steed, white weapons, and white garments appear and stand in readiness before him. Katchlig puts on the garments, girds on the weapons, takes the magic sword in his hand, mounts upon the back of the white steed, mingles with the wedding guests, fights with the lords, goes up and down, smites the King, kills his brothers also, takes his betrothed, weds her, and mounts the throne. He attains his heart's desire.

May you attain unto your hearts' desire.