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472 Collectanea

the thing which I shall do for you inside). He (Snake) said, — "When Sunday comes, you will give me a piece of meat." He (Auta) said, — "Agreed, I understand." So, when (the day when) Sunday came, the boy arose from his bed (sleep), and went out and saw a piece of meat in (the centre of) the house. So he took (it) and brought (it) to the ant-hill. Then he returned home. So every Sunday he (Auta) did thus for him. One day he went out of his room in the morning, (but) did not see a piece of meat in the house. Indeed the Frog had come and taken it in the early morning. As he had not obtained a piece of meat, the Snake arose and came to him. He (Snake) said to the boy, — " To-day (is) Sunday, (but) I have not seen (my) piece of meat." He (Auta) said, — "I am now (upon) looking (for it). Must you get up and come (for it)?" He (Snake) said, — "Where is the one you always take from the centre of the house ?"^^ He (Auta) said, — "Formerly I had some in the centre of the house. To-day, when I got up, I did not see (any). There are no more." He (Snake) said, — " Indeed ! Are there traitors in your house ? " He (Auta) said he did not know. He (Snake) said, — " Will you give the traitors over to me that I may come and seize (them) ? " He (Auta) said, — "Very well." He thought (saw) that everyone was acting fairly to him. (So) he said, — "Very well. Who is there to be punished (to pay) amongst (them)?" The Snake said, — "Right. I shall go home and catch the traitor (when) he comes " (find him walking about). When he had gone, he hid behind (in) the door of the house. But he, the rich man, could not rest (remain in his house) until he had gone and reasoned with the Snake, He went out of the door of the house, and the Snake, who was by the door of the house, bit him. When he (Snake) had bitten him, he (Auta) went back into the house, and lay down. (His) leg was painful. Then the Frog came and said, —"What has befallen you, O Rich one?" He (Auta) said,— "Something bit (caught) me at the door of the house." He (Frog) said, — "Whatever it be I shall go and see." Then he went out hopping, and came to the door of the house, and the Snake bit him. So he went and lay down. The Frog died. He also, the rich man, died. That is the end of this. The Frog

  • =/.£., where is the store of them from which you always take one?