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112 Short Bibliographical Notices.

systems of endogamy and exogamy, lias received much attention. The elaborate schemes of sub-castes and sections, with their inter- relations, is practically all due to Mr. Rose, and will be of much value to students of sociology and marriage regulations. The work, as a whole, has been carried out with great care and ability, by an officer who was himself responsible for the Census of 1901, and possesses a wide and sympathetic knowledge of the people. It is much to be regretted that its format, printing, and binding are inadequate to the importance of the work. The sociology and beliefs of the peasantry of the Plains of the Five Rivers have already become familiar to students of the anthropology of India. But in the case of the curious Rajput clans of the hills, which still maintain much of their primitive institutions, and of the Mon- goloid races of the Tibetan frontier, Mr. Rose has occupied a little-known field, and his accounts of these groups is particularly valuable.

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