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The events of the past year have adversely affected the Society, as was inevitable. The influx of new members has been checked, and some of those who have been members for a considerable number of years have been compelled to tender their resignations. During the year twelve new members have been elected, and one new subscriber has been enrolled. Against this the deaths of four and the resignations of 29 members have to be recorded. The Council have decided to allow the names of those whose resignations are due to the war to remain upon the roll, and to send them copies of the quarterly parts of Folk-Lore as usual during the current year, in the hope that they may resume their subscriptions in 1916. The Council have carefully revised the list of members and subscribers, and have found it necessary to strike off the names of several members whose subscriptions were three or more years in arrear. The total number now stands at 435, as against 453 a year ago.

The amount received in subscriptions during the year 1914, including two life subscriptions of £^ 5s. od. each, amounted to ;^4I4 los. od., as compared with £\^\ 13s. od. in 1913.

In these circumstances economy is essential, and the Council have accordingly decided slightly to reduce the size of the quarterly parts of Folk-Lore, and hope to do so without materially diminishing the value of their contents.