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This page needs to be proofread.


I should be very greatly obliged to any member of the Society who could tell me where I might find information concerning a game that children play in the street on a chalked spiral. The spiral is divided up into a number of compartments (named, at present, London, Paris, Belgium, Berlin, etc.) and the children hop along the spiral, kicking a flat piece of stone or wood from one compartment to another. I believe this game has an ancient origin, and I should be much interested to read something about it if anyone would kindly indicate the literature.

Doris L. jMackinnon. University College, Dundee.

With regard to Miss Peacock's enquiry concerning the " Death Coach" {Folk-Lore, vol. xxv. p. 388 sq.), in the frescoed Etruscan tombs at Orvieto the dead man is represented in a very fine chariot, which is led by his special Fate, who carries the scroll of his deeds in her hand. No doubt there is some big book on these important frescoes ; in any case, the local picture post- cards give the whole series.

L. M. Eyre.

The Hudnalls, St. Briavels, Glos.