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254 Some Algerian Superstitions.

over with a pin and dip it in olive oil, after which it is laid upon the child's head, the " cold" being supposed to go out through the holes made by the pin.

The Ouled Ziane, who were formerly great horse owners, are in the habit, when first turning out a foal to feed upon the young shoots of rising corn in the spring, of clipping his hair with scissors along the line of his backbone, along a line over each shoulder, and in lines across his knees, the clipped lines being smeared with the pitch of the pine tree in order that the green food may cause the animal no harm, while the Shawia cure " gripes " in horses by causing them to inhale the smoke that arises from the burning of rags soiled with the discharge of katamenia.

M. W. Hilton-Simpson.