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Catalogue of Brand Material.


Currant loaves, called co-

quilles - - - -

Care-cake - - - - Sodden bannock - - - Sweetball, shared between

sweethearts (hence day

called Join-night) A cock and bacon, or a fat

hen - - - -

Stewed peas and bacon Pancakes ^ -





N. Riding (Whitby).

North Country. South Staffs. Universallv.

Ceremonies connected with special Viands.

If you do not eat enough poultry at supper, " Hob- thrust " will cram you with chaff - - -

Eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and grey peas on Ash Wednesday, and you will have money all the year . - - -

Unlucky not to have pancakes East Anglia.

Who eats a pancake must first fry it - - -

Cottagers and others allowed to enter houses to fry pan- cakes . - - -

North Country.



One who tossed her pancake successfully would be married that year, and vice versa

A maid who failed would be carried out of doors, or her face would be blacked while eating, etc.

Newcastle - on - Tyne, Notts (Aspley, 1767).


W^est Riding Bowland).

(Bolton by

He or she would be tossed on to the dunghill

One who could not turn a pancake was not eligible for marriage - - -

1 In many old-fashioned Staffordshire families, nothin <lay meal.

Lancashire (Didsbury).

East Riding.

else is eaten at the mid-