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Catalogue of Brand Materia/.

Staffordshire : Stone, Wolverhampton, Bilston, Brewood,

and various other places. Salop : Shrewsbury, Xe%\-port, Edgmond. Herefordshire : Leominster, Ross. Warwickshire : Southam. Xorthants : Daventr\- (called Pan -bum bell), Staverton,

Stamford, Baron, Lo\\"ick, Blakesley, Higham

Ferrars, Stan^^^ck, Oundle, Sudborough, WeUington,

Culworth, Weston FaveU. Oxon. : Burford, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oxford (St.

Mary-'s, down to 1722), IsUp. Herts. : Ashwell, Hoddesdon. Kent : Maidstone (called Fritter BeU). London : i8th cent.

(/) General Holiday.

Enforced by blows Stipulated for in indentures - Proclaimed by bells

Eldest apprentice rings bell

Granted by quarrymen Exacted by school-children BarriBSf-out - - -

Runaway rh\Tnes current {g) Sports and amusements.

Right of entry to places other\\-ise closed


Salop fXorton-in-Hales).


(As in hst above).

Leicestershire (Belgrave),

East Riding (Hedon).

Somerset (Yeovil).

Eton (1686). Cumberland ( Bromfield ,

Scotby, Wetherall), Durham (Durham Cit>-,

Houghton - le - Spring,

Thornton, etc.). Leicestershire (Frisby). Staffs. (Lichfield). Yorks. (Ramsgill, till

1860-70), etc. Staffs., Salop, Yorks.

York, Minster Tower

(1690) ; Leeds, Baile

Hill. Leicester, The Newark,

Hinckley and other

church towers. Lines., Grantham Church

Tower. Cambs., the Camping

Closes at Ickleton and