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Catalogue of Bj'and Material.



Knurr and Spell - - -

Played by old women at - Throwling Eggs (rolling dyed eggs in the fields, the one that went furthest was winner. Called " Throwl- egg-day ") Camping (" Rugby football without the ball ") -

Shooting at a door for tea kettles - - - -

IV. Special Local Celebrations, etc.

Pageant representing end of Christ- mas --..-- Jousts at Henry VIII. 's Court Racing substituted for football Stag-hunt ----- Football Contests.

Married v. unmarried - - -

Tradesmen v. countrymen Up-street v. Down-street

Upwards v. Downwards (2 days' play) -----

East V. West. (If ball goes into house it must be thrown from an upper window) - - .

Rhyme commemorates custom dropped 1846, renewed 1885

Very rowdy in 188 1

Man died from injuries received, 1709 - - - - -

Attempt to put it down, temp. Queen Elizabeth _ - -

Said to be customary - - -

Yorks. (Masham). Salop (Newport). Bury St. Edmunds.

North Holderness.

Cambs. (Ickleton and Duxford).

Cheshire (Wilmslow).

Norwich (1442). Greenwich (1526). Chester (1539). Warwicksh. (Southam).

Northumb. (Alnwick,^ Ford, Rothbury,2


Durham (Sedgefield).

Durham (Chester-le- Street, 1904).


Cumb. (Bromfield).

Lines. (Caistor, 1839).

Derby (Ashbourne).

Dorking (1887).


Warwicksh. (Nuneaton).

Salop (Gt. Ness).


Staffs. (Cheadle and other places not named).

1 Now, one parish against another.

2 Followed by a " tansy " or parish feast. 2 A