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This page needs to be proofread.


Catalogzie of Brand Matei'ial.


Played to preserve right-of-way {2 days' play) - - - -

Saint Rattle-doll Fair (speciality gambling. Dwindling in 1877)

Bull-baiting, up to middle of i8th century -----

Rope-pulling - - - .

Threading the Needle - - -

Threading the Needle combined with Clipping Church

Clipping Church alone - - -

" Whipping Toms." (Hockey played on the Newarke, to keep up a privilege, ground cleared later by men with cart- whips. Suppressed 1841) - . - Business transacted.

Houses of ill-fame cleared - Tenants paid dues (of poultry ?) - Cattle removed from meadows Women look for shellfish (probably to eat on Ash Wednesday)


Dorset (Purbeck).



Ludlow, Presteign, Ponte-

fract.^ Leicester. Wilts. (Longbridge De-

verill, Trowbridge).

Salop (Bradford-on- Avon, EUesmere). Somerset (S. Petherton). Wilts. (Westbury). Worcester (Cradley) . Salop (Wellington).


Middle Ages. Paston Letters (1450). Tusser (1620).


T r ; A7 WALES.

I. Local Name.

Guttots Tuesday ... North Wales.

11. Natural Phenomena.

A good day for any new under- taking ----- South Wales. Buttermilk drunk on Shrove Tues- day prevents freckles and sun- burn ----- South Wales. III. General Observances. (a) Viands.

Pancakes as in England - Universal. Sold in baskets to football

players - - - - South Wales.

'Particulars wanted.