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Catalogue of Brand Material.


I. Names.

Fastern's E'en Brose Day -

Bannock Night ■ Milk Gruel Night Inid -



N.E. Scotland ^ and

Shetland. N.E. Scotland. Shetland Isles (Harra). (Gaelic.)

II. Proverb.

" First comes Candlemas, and syne"

the new meen

The first Tuesday aifter that's

Festren's E'en " " The first Tuesday of the Spring

light " {i.e. of the spring new

moon) -----

III. General Observances.

{a) Things forbidden.

Spinning - - - -

{b) Things enjoined.

Beef dinner, to ensure that cattle thrive - - - Viands and Ceremonies re Viands Beef-brose ; a ring put in' it for marriage divination -

N.E. Scotland,! High- lands, Shetland Isles, Jedburgh.


N.E. Scotland.

N.E. Scotland.


Caithness, Highlands and North-east.




Children visit houses to beg for brose - - - -

Bannocks baked by whole household . - _

Previous divination with the eggs used . - .

A ' ' sautie bannock' ' (" dumb- cake ") for marriage divi- nation - - - -

Scones or bannocks mixed with soot, for ditto. -

Amusements. Knocking doors with stolen cabbage-stumps, driving in commandeered carls - Cromarty.

1 I.e. the district between Moray Firth and the Firth of Tay,



Highlands, the Mearns, Aberdeen.