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Catalogue of Brand Material.

Wells Visited.

Palm cross thrown in Lady Nant's Well to foretell owner's fate - - -

Eas Well frequented to drink sugar and water and to eat cakes -

Children drink sugar and water or liquorice-water from certain wells out of " pawne-bottles "

Children drink bottles of liquorice-water in forest, and make fires if pos- sible - -


(c) Viands. Figs

Fig-pudding . . .

Fig-pie . - . - Bragget-ale (a sort of sweet- wort, spiced) - - -

Furmety . . - .

IV. Special Local Observances.

Crowds go to eat figs on Dunstable Down ------

Wake held on Pontesford Hill - (Traditional object, search for mythical arrow. Yew sprigs gathered as talismans. Race down steep descent, finger dipped in pool at foot ensures marriage.) Feast on Bidcombe Hill - - - (Traditionally connected with a boundary. Furmity eaten in " Furmity Hole " on hill.)

Cornwall (Little Colan).

Salop (Baschurch).


Oxfordshire (Leafield- cum- Wychwood) .

Beds. (Dunstable), Herts. (Kempton, Ippett, nr. Hitchen — cooked) , Northants. (Brackley, Syresham), Oxford- shire, Wilts., Yorks. (Filey, etc.).

Bucks. (Edlesbro'), Wilts.


Lanes. (Weeton in the

Fylde). Wilts. (Bidcombe Hill

Feast) .

Bedfordshire (Dunstable). Salop (Pontesbur}').

Wilts . (Warminster) .