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Catalogue of Brand Material.


Revel on Clay Hill - - - - (Traditionally connected with a boundary. Game played, hit- ting ball up hill with sticks.)

Feast on Roundway Hill (Similar game played.)

Gathering on Martinsell Hill - (Ball having been hit up hill with hockey-sticks, is then hit from top to bottom of the steep. Oranges are thrown down for boys, who slide down steep on jawbones of horses, branches of tree, etc. Village quarrels are fought out : stalls and booths set up, " land figs " eaten, and palms (hazel and willow bran- ches) carried.)

Feast on Silbury Hill - - - (Cakes and figs eaten. Sugar drunk in water from source of river Kennet. Legends :

Devil's Spadeful formed hill ; man and horse in gold en- tombed in it.)

Gathering on Longbridge Deverill Cow Down - . - -

(Hill ascended by " Jacob's

Ladder," ball beaten up with

sticks. Trap-ball played on

top. Apparition of Devil routed


Scouring the Red Horse - - -

Meeting at ale-house after church

service . . . - .

" Filly Fair." Children's amuse- ments after catechizing Fair opened : bragget drunk - Fair held in churchyard - - -

Holiday given to 'prentices (trans- ferred from Mothering Sunday) " Fan cakes " distributed in church -


Wilts. (Corsley).

Wilts. (Devizes). Wilts. (Marlboro')

Wilts. (Marlboro').

Wilts. (Longbridge Deve- rill).

Warwickshire (Tysoe).

Cumberland (Pyat's Nest).

Cumberland (Arcledon). Lanes. (Weeton). Surrey (Crowhurst).

Cornwall (Polperro). Herefordshire (Hentland)